Oh, the vile word when microminerals are at stake…….I have thought about it, I have hesitated…….other people do it, why shouldn’t I do it ? I have now made my decision, but the problem of the price remains. As far as micromineralogy is concerned, what does “price” mean ? Do not worry! I let you have it at 1 euro per bag, the bag containing from one to four micro of the same mineral, whether it is rare, beautiful, or average.

NB this method, in my opinion, is suitable for the beginners who want for a moderate price to build a base stock for their further exchanges

How it works, terms of sale

How to order
The micros are all presented in alphabetic order

List 20 = not common sometimes rare because of the location

List 30 = relatively frequent


Have a look at the lists and write down the number of the mineral you have choosen, it’s quick and easy , send your order either by mail ( morelalhuissier.jean arrobase .neuf.fr) or by snail mail at the following address

Morel à l’Huissier Jean
Le mistral entrée 12
8 rue de l’arc en ciel
34200 Sète

Delivery and packaging

In case of serious difficulty the shipping will be made within two weeks after the receipt of the order. The micro is packed in a plastic bag with a tag mentioning the name of the mineral ( possibly its variety) and its location of origin. This possibly avoids unwanted trace of putty and lets you set the mineral according to your method. In one bag you may have 1, 2, 3, 4 samples , it’s up to you to select the one you like best


Whithin two weeks by check or paypal to Morel à l’ Huissier Jean etc…..Return address to sender and complaint.Returns are not accepted (if you are not satisfied you do not pay except the postage and packing mentioned on the package ) , complains are accepted , no identification is guaranteed but the margin of error is weak. The unidentified microminerals are at the end of the list preceded by ZZ ( and if among them, you found a new species ! ! ! ! !! )






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